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Most Common Varieties and their Genotypes

(All genotypes are listed in short format)

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Variety Name Male phenotype and genotype Female phenotype and genotype Poult pattern at hatch
Barred Black
Barred Black Tuxedo
Barred Chocolate
Barred Chocolate Tuxedo
Barred Slate (aka Barred Blue Slate)
Black Tuxedo
Black Winged Bronze
Black Winged Narragansett
Blue Calico
Blue Cornish Palm
Blue Narragansett
Blue Palm
Blue Red Bronze
Blue Slate (aka Slate)
Blue Sweetgrass
Bourbon Buff
Bourbon Red
Chestnut Buff
Chestnut Red
Chocolate Dapple
Chocolate Fawn
Chocolate Painted
Chocolate Palm
Chocolate Slate
Chocolate Sweetgrass
Chocolate Tuxedo
Cornish Palm
Dark Blue
Dark Gray
Dilute Rusty Black
Dilute Rusty Slate
Fall Fire
Frosted Dark Gray
Frosted Oregon Gray
Golden Narragansett
Golden Phoenix
Grizzled Black Painted
Grizzled Chocolate Painted
Grizzled Slate Painted
Grizzled Lavender Painted
Grizzled Recessive Blue Painted
Harvest Gold
Jersey Buff
Lavender (aka Self Blue)
Lavender Edged Bourbon Red
Lavender Fall Fire
Lavender Palm
Lavender Red Bronze
Lavender Sweetgrass
Light Buff
Light Red
Marbled Black
Marbled Lavender
Marbled Silver
Marbled Slate
Mottled Auburn
Mottled Black
Mottled Black Tuxedo
Mottled Black Winged Bronze
Mottled Bronze
Mottled Brown Winged Auburn
Mottled Chocolate
Mottled Chocolate Dapple
Mottled Dilute Rusty Black
Mottled Lavender
Mottled Recessive Slate
Mottled Red
Mottled Red Bronze
Mottled Rusty Black
Mottled Rusty Slate
Mottled Silver Dapple
Mottled Slate (aka Mottled Blue Slate)
Oregon Blue
Oregon Brown
Oregon Gray
Pencilled Black Winged Bronze
Pencilled Blue Sweetgrass
Pencilled Chocolate Palm
Pencilled Fall Fire
Pencilled Lavender Fall Fire
Pencilled Lavender Sweetgrass
Pencilled Light Red
Pencilled Palm
Pencilled Red Palm
Pencilled Blue Fall Fire
Pencilled Blue Palm
Pencilled Sweetgrass
Recessive Blue
Recessive Blue Fawn
Recessive Blue Narragansett
Recessive Blue Painted
Recessive Blue Palm
Recessive Blue Sweetgrass
Recessive Blue Tuxedo
Recessive Lilac
Recessive Slate
Red Auburn
Red Bronze
Red Lilac
Red Palm
Red Phoenix
Red Slate
Red Sweetgrass
Red Tuxedo
Regal Red
Royal Palm
Rusty Black
Rusty Brown
Rusty Brown Tuxedo
Rusty Slate
Rusty Painted
Rusty Tuxedo
Self Buff
Silver Auburn
Silver Dapple
Silver Tipped Black
Silver Tipped Lavender
Silver Tipped Slate
Slate Painted
Slate Tuxedo
Tiger Bronze
Tiger Blue
Tiger Lavender Blue
Tri-color Mottled Black
Tri-color Mottled Slate
Tri-color Pencilled Blue Palm
Tri-color Pencilled Palm
White (Dark Brown Eyes)
White (Blue Eyes)
White (Light Brown Eyes)
White Winged Chocolate Fawn
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