Calculator Operating Instructions

Our calculator has a user interface with sliders, dropdowns, and buttons. There are two sections for selecting genotypes for the "Sire" (male) and "Dam" (female) turkeys.

Adjust Image Size: Use the "Adjust Image Size" slider to change the size of the sire and dam images on the calculator.

Select Genotypes: For both the "Sire" and "Dam," use the dropdowns labeled b, C, d, E, N, Pn, R, Sl to select the desired genotypes for various genetic traits. Make selections for each dropdown to represent the genotype of each turkey. Some basic understanding of turkey color genetics will be useful here. Refer to our genotype info page if you need help with genotypes for various varieties.

View Genotype Images: As you make selections, the calculator will display images representing the selected genotypes for both the "Sire" and "Dam" in their respective containers.

Calculate Offspring: Click the "Calculate Offspring" button to generate possible offspring based on the selected genotypes of the "Sire" and "Dam." The calculator will consider genetic combinations and display potential male and female offspring with their genotypes, variety names, percentages, and images in adult plumage as well as day-old poult color/patterns.

Reset Calculator: If you want to start over or make new selections, click the "Reset Calculator" button. This will reset all genotype selections, clear the displayed images, and remove any previous offspring results.

Interpret Offspring Results: The results will be displayed in two sections: "Male Offspring Results" and "Female Offspring Results." Each result includes the genotype, phenotype, and an image of the potential offspring as a poult at hatch as well as in adult plumage. Use the "Continue as Sire" button for male offspring or the "Continue as Dam" button for female offspring to set the selected offspring's genotype as the new sire or dam.

Summary Chart: A summary chart will display the genotype, phenotype, and ratio percentage for each potential offspring combination.

Explore Different Combinations: Feel free to experiment with different genotype combinations for the "Sire" and "Dam" to see how it affects the potential offspring.

That's it! You can use this calculator to explore and visualize the potential outcomes of breeding turkeys with different genotypes.

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